About Us


About Us

Chuxin (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. mainly produces foldable and assembled plywood wooden boxes, export wooden boxes, steel belt wooden boxes, fumigation-free wooden boxes, export pallets, ordinary wooden wooden boxes, and other products.

It has a beautiful appearance, sturdy structure, light stacking and transportation like cartons, foldable storage and transportation, using the smallest space, saving a lot of resources, and occupying a few tenths of the space of ordinary wooden boxes. one. It is the innovative era of product packaging, and it is at the forefront of wooden boxes.

The packaging box does not require animal and plant inspection and quarantine, and the raw materials used do not contain any unprocessed pure logs, which are fully in line with the import quarantine system of European, American and Southeast Asian countries. It can be directly exported and delivered quickly.

What We Do?

The company’s products are widely used in machinery and equipment, electrical (electrical appliances), control cabinets, communication equipment, inverters, power supplies, electronics, auto parts, molds, precision instruments and other related industry packaging. The products can be used in international and domestic safe transportation packaging for manufacturers Brings a lot of convenience in storage and transportation.


Why Choose Us

Equipped with domestic advanced automatic steel belt edging machine equipment

Strong technical force, strong production capacity, and rich packaging experience

We can provide customers with different products at a fast speed, good quality

Reasonable price and perfect service, the unanimous praise and trust of our customers.

Our Services

We have also designed a fumigation-free export wooden box according to different export packaging requirements. The material is made of plywood, pressed by high temperature and high pressure, and has undergone thorough insecticide and disinfection treatment.

Countries around the world recognize and meet the packaging requirements of imported goods in European and American countries. The products are not restricted by the fumigation validity period and can be stored and used for a long time.