The distinction of materials

1. The distinction of materials
Both the fumigation-free wooden box and the fumigated wooden box are made of fumigation-free multi-layer plywood. The difference lies in the bottom bracket and the side strips. The fumigation wooden box side strips are made of solid wood, mostly white pine, and the bottom support is also solid wood, mostly poplar wood; the fumigation-free wooden box side strips are made of export-specific Laminated Veneer Lumber English abbreviation LVL material, which is A high-density composite compressed board, because it has been fumigated during the processing process, so it has the characteristics of being directly exportable, and the bottom support is also customized by it.
2. Time division
After the fumigation wooden box is made, the simple fumigation period must be at least two days, and the validity period is 21 days. After 21 days, it needs to be re-fumigated before it can be exported; the fumigation-free wooden box can be directly exported after the processing is completed. There are many advantages in time, and there is no expiration date. No matter how long you put it, you can export it directly. That is to say, the wooden boxes of the same specification are processed, and the fumigation-free wooden boxes can be exported after they are finished, and the fumigated wooden boxes can only be exported after they are made of solid wood and must be fumigated to achieve the effect of preventing insects.
3. Expense distinction
The cost of making fumigation wooden boxes is often at least half the cost of non-fumigation wo

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